GUIDELINES for Outdoor Worship
1. If you are not feeling well or are symptomatic please stay home and contact you health care provider.(Worship services will be recorded and broadcasted later in the day on our YouTube channel).
2. Masks are required to attend.
3. Social distance of no less than 6 feet is required.
4. Building and restrooms will remained closed.
5. In order to comply with contact tracing in case of an outbreak, upon arrival, please proceed to marked log in table.  Member’s names will be checked off by the attendant at the table.
6. You will be asked to sanitize your hands and an attendant will direct you to a spot where you can put your lawn chair.
7. There will be no printed bulletin and communal singing is not allowed at this time.
8. Please remain in your seat the entire time of the service.  Outdoor service will be kept to 30 minutes.
9. There will be no passing of the peace or contact with other people in attendance.
10. Offertory baskets/box will be located on the log in table.  You are welcome to place your offering in it upon arrival or as you leave.
11. Upon completion of the service, the pastor will invite you to leave the area in household groups or individually, to allow for ample social distance.  There will be no coffee fellowship.
12. In case of rain, the outdoor service will be cancelled, and an online service will be available later in the day.
Thank you for helping us love and care for our neighbors during this pandemic.
Faith UMC Administrative Support Team (AST)
Following John Wesley’s three simple rules: Do no harm, Do good, Stay in love with God .