Our History

In 1891 The South Hadley Falls Methodist Church organized a Sunday School in Fairview. A chapel was completed in 1893 and the name “Faith” was chosen, signifying what was needed most for success. The society was organized as a church in 1903, and made an independent charge in 1916 with a resident minister. In January 1929 the drive commenced for the erection of a new building, and with the help of gifts from the Enfield Church, the first service was held November 2, 1930.
In June 2009, after the closure of their church, Faith UMC welcomed new members from New Hope United Methodist Church. A new cross in the sanctuary, and stained glass window in Fellowship Hall, are just some of the gifts from these churches. These gifts remind us of the lives that were changed because of the love of God proclaimed at Chicopee Falls, Liberty Street, and New Hope United Methodist Churches. These gifts will be a sign of our shared ministries as we go forward together.
Faith United Methodist Church is dedicated to serving God and building God’s kingdom on Earth.